Since 1989 India and Europe's Top Provider of Premier Ayurveda Product.


Since 1989 India and Europe's Top Provider of Premier Ayurveda Product.

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Advance Body Mass (Cow colostrum) Herbal Supplement for Weight Gain Care

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Body Mass with Cow colostrum - 99% pure Colostrum has great benefits for athletes.Almost on a daily basis athletes destroy their bodies so that they can be pushed harder and do the same all over again the next day. This puts significant strain on the body's functions and temporarily on the immune system. Blood flow to these areas usually isn't a problem with athletes so its a matter of getting proper nutrition. Colostrum can basically be classified as a super food. Amino acids, anti-oxidants, variety of proteins, vitamins and minerals are all contained in colostrum. Another key factor is the IGF-1 and IGF-2 insulin-like growth factors that encourage growth of muscle fibers and other tissues.

Cow colostrum also has important immune properties like antibodies, immunoglobulins and enzymes. When the immune system is temporarily stressed due to extended physical activity, being able to recover quickly can help increase performance, strength and stamina. (This was seen with the Australian Olympic Team in 2000).

Cows are 98% genetically identical to humans. With mammals, since our genetics are similar we can consume milk from different species. (For example, wolves, cats, dogs, humans, etc can all consume milk from goats, cows, etc.) In the same way that cow's milk is beneficial, so is the colostrum.

One of the most important historical significances of colostrum is that it was used to create the 1st polio vaccine. Colostrum helps fight disease by supplying the body with necessary antibodies used to fight infections and speed up healing. Thus restoring the body to a more natural state.

If cow colostrum benefits the body by increasing functions, healing and immune system it also makes sense that colostrum would help the body remove fat deposits and other negative materials that collect in our bodies. (Heavy metals, toxins, etc.) The reason our bodies accumulate these toxins in the first place (besides being present) is because of our bodies inability to remove it fast enough. As our bodies process and eliminate material from our system, sometimes these materials accumulate faster than can be processed and removed, so our bodies set it aside to be dealt with later. If these materials our not processed they can cause disease, sickness, obesity, etc.

So by giving our bodies colostrum supplements, we can improve the overall function and normal healthy state.

Being lean is a dream for many. But what if one is extremely slim? Picture the situation where one cannot find clothes to fit into because everything seems too big or too loose.  While weight loss is the most discussed topic when it comes to weight management, difficulty in gaining weight is an equally distressing condition. It can be devastating on one's pysche and being skinny is considered to be an anomaly. 

So why are some people excessively slim?

It's mostly genetic and inherited from the parents. In other cases, it may be hormonal reasons, stress, lack of proper nutrition, side effects of some synthetic medication or an underlying undetected disease that may be causing excessive loss of weight. But thankfully, Ayurveda has a safe and effective method of weight gain in herbs. Advance Body Mass - The Sapta Dhatoo rejuvenator

In Sanskrit, Dhatoo means the substance that enters the human body.

According to Ayurvedic texts, the human body is made up of seven or Sapta Dhatoos, viz

1) Rasa Dhatoo (Lymph, Plasma)

2) Rakta Dhatoo (Haemoglobin Factor)

3) Mamsa Dhatoo (Muscle Mass)

4) Medas Dhatoo (Fat/Adipose)

5) Asthi Dhatoo (Bone Density)

6) Majja Dhatoo (Bone Marrow)

7) Shukra Dhatoo (Sperm, Semen and Ovum)

Ayurleaf brings to you a powerful and potent combination of herbs that rejuvenates the seven dhatus and replenishes your body systems. We call is Body Mass and it is the ultimate weight gain herbal solution. Why Body Mass for weight gain? We hate miracle solutions as much as you do. So, let us explain why Body Mass 1000 is not a magic pill. Instead, it is a unique and effective herbal formula that triggers a natural response from the human body leading to an increase in muscle mass.

Ashwagandha (Whitania Somnifera): Ashwagandha is one of the most effective herbs used in Ayurvedic medicine. Extremely effective in reducing stress, it has a calming effect on the mind. It also increases lean muscle mass. 

Gokshuru (Tribulus Terrestris): Widely used by bodybuilders in the western world to naturally increase the testosterone levels in the body, Gokshuru can help increase lean muscle tissue. 

Kaucha (Mucuna Pruriens): Used traditionally as a mood enhancer, Kaucha can help reduce mental stress related weight issues.

Safed Musli (Asperagus Adscendens): A powerhouse of nutrition, Safed Musli will energize your body and boost your immune system. You will never feel lethargic and drowsy. 

And that's not all. There are other potent herbs that not only ensure that your body systems perform to its optimum, but also enhances the functioning of your digestive system which happens to be one of the most important functions that determines how you absorb nutrients from food.

Safe & Effective Weight Gain

Unlike synthetic drugs, with Body Mass 1000, your weight gain is natural, safe and effective. As always, at Ayurleaf, we use only 100% pure and organic herbal extracts which are then manufactured and formulated at our inhouse R&D facility and lab.  Be rest assured, at Ayurleaf, its purity at its purest!


Advance Body Mass should be taken only after meal - two time a day with milk or water. Being one hundred percent natural, it is safe and can be used for a longer period.

Benefits & Features

Cow colostrum benefits the body by increasing functions, healing and immune system

1) It is a successful weight gaining capsules.

2) Ideal for young males who want to increase their body weight.

3) Increases protein intake, appetite in men that nourishes their energy levels and gives the required fitness to the body.

4) It strengthens and tones all muscle tissues including the heart and lungs.

5) Aiding in wound care.

6) Boosting the immune system.

7) Beneficial in impeding the effects of ageing.

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