Since 1989 India and Europe's Top Provider of Premier Ayurveda Product.


Since 1989 India and Europe's Top Provider of Premier Ayurveda Product.

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Hair Care Supplements 500mg

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Hair is a reflection of our healthy or unhealthy life. Every human being wants to look good. So they improve their appearance, body shape, skin complexion but hair forms an essential factor in the beauty. Beautiful hair always cherished by everyone but most of time, hair loss, graying hair and dandruff shows the unhealthy diet. In Ayurveda herbal medicines like Amalaki and Hairgard are recognized as the best treatment of the condition and may prevent unnecessary hair and health problems. Ayurleaf has made a wholesome parcel for health, which has great benefits. Along with the awareness and healthy eating habits can add the combination of these herbal medicines and have a free mind, body and beautiful long healthy hair.

Hair Gard

HairGard tackles the recurrence hair fall, graying hair and other problems like split hair and dandruff. The exclusive formula of six natural herbs soothes the scalp and keeps the hair healthy. The supplements of herbs are: Brungraj (EcliptaAlba) 220 mg, BhumiAmla (PhylanthusNiruri) 220 mg, AmlakiRasayan (EmblicaOfficinalis) 53.35 mg, Trikatu (Ginger, Marich, Pepper) 3.35 mg, PravalPishti (Red Coral) 3.5 mg. the herbs are not only effectively works on the scalp but also makes stress free life.


Emblica Officinalis, known as amlaki or amla is a light green yellow color fruit provides innumerable health benefits. It is known to be the richest source of Vitamin C. It reduces Pitta and improves the hemoglobin level. It prevents the premature hair grey, hair fall and removes the dandruff. It is natural conditioner for hair. It stimulates the scalp, hair follicles and promotes strong, thick healthy hair growth. It provides radiant glow on the skin, increases blood circulation, enhances the red blood cells and prevents acidity, indigestion and constipation and as well as maintain blood glucose and cholesterol level. A regular use of amla is also effective in cases of eczema.


Ayurleaf Herblas Hair Care Treatment ( combo pack) should be taken one / two capsules of each products twice a day before meals.

Benefits & Features

1) It makes the hair look bouncy and shiny but also works towards making them stronger from the root.

2) It also is useful in clearing and removing dandruff, prevents graying, and eliminates dullness.

3) It also soothes the scalp and makes them manageable.

4) Six strong herbs used in Hairgard include Brungraj or Eclipta Alba, Bhumi Amla or Phylanthus Niruri, Amalki Rasayan or Emblica Officinalis, Trikatu or Ginger and Praval Pishti or Red Corals.

5) It also helps the body to absorb iron faster, assisting in improving the hemoglobin levels

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