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Since 1989 India and Europe's Top Provider of Premier Ayurveda Product.


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Arthitex Herbal Supplement for Joint Pain 500 mg

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Natural Remedies For Arthritis / Natural Arthritis Treatment

Most middle aged women in India today suffer from joints related problems. Arthritis has become a common household disease which grips the knees and joints and in severe case make a person even bed ridden. But our natural arthritis treatment formulation Arthitex can help keeping the painful problem at bay. Arthiritis is a condition that is mostly caused by accumulation of ama, which is a toxic by-product of improper digestion. It circulates in the entire body and finds a place to accumulate which is weaker than the other, thus causing Arthritis.

Arthitex helps in removing the ama from the weaker areas of the body, in most cases being joints in hands, knees and feet. It is very important for those suffering from Arthritis to improve their digestion and drink a lot of water to balance the ama in the body. Arthritis also causes inflammation and hence intake of Vitamin C in terms of orange, lemon is very important as it cures one of severe plains.

Arthitex is an ancient Indian Ayurveda medicine. This remedy is mainly aimed at providing extra strength to the bones. It contains a mixture of nine different herbs that are very potent and has unique beneficial power on men who suffer from bone density and acute arthritis. They are Rasna(Alpine Galangal), Punarnava (BorhaviaDiffusa), Ajmoda (PtychotisAjowan), Methi (TrigonellaFoenumGraceum), Chopchini (Smilax Glabra), Sallaki (BoswelliaSerrata), Ashwagandha (WinthaniaSomnifera), Sunth (ZingiberOfficianlis) and Guggulu (CommiphoraWightii). It is in a capsule form.


The nine ingredients of the capsule have shown excellent results in gentlemen who are relieved of all painful joints, backache, muscular pain, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout and sciatica. The herb is purely anti-vata, anti-kaphaand contains Vitamin C which acts as a coolant and helps to reduce body pain, arthritis and other inflammatory conditions that occur in the body. They can have a normal healthy life.


Maintain a Healthy diet: Alternative therapy helps maintain a healthy body. A five to six day detoxification is prescribed. Eating healthy foods like fruits, juices and vegetables with daily mild exercises burns up the unwanted calories in the body and there is a feeling of lightness is shown in men.

Relieves pain and restores mobility: Arthitex tablet has properties of anti-vata, anti-pitta, anti-kapha and comprises of Vitamin C that cleanses the body of all toxic waste and relieves joint pains which are characteristics of arthritis,osteoarthritis, gout and sciatica. Various oils may be applied to the skin to restore mobility and improve flexibility.

Beneficial for Rheumatoid arthritis: Arthitex is a blend of nine herbs that acts together in a synergistic manner controlling acute Rheumatoid arthritis. The herbs are very potent and have anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties that are beneficial for stiff joints, swelling and inflammation in the body.


The Arthitex pill must not be consumed on an empty stomach. Men above 14 years of age can consume Arthitex.The Arthitex pill must not be consumed on an empty stomach. Men above 14 years of age can consume Arthitex.


1 or 2 capsules per day along with regular diet and exercises.

Arthritis is not only a complicated problem of joint pains but also determines permanent damage of joints. In Ayurveda distinguishes three types of arthritis related to vata, pitta, and kapha.

Vata types Arthritis, joints will crack and pop, in Pitta, arthritis becomes swollen and painful, but in Kapha type arthritis, little movement becomes painful.


'ARTHITEX', an herbal remedy cures the arthritis and helps to prevent the degeneration process. It reduces joint swelling, pain, stiffness and other joint problems like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.This remedy works as a supplements and help to strengthen the joints. It is prepared by 9 different natural herbs that bring their medical properties to support the bones in the body. The different nine herbs supplements are:

Rasna (Alpinia galangal) 50 mg: anti-inflammatory properties, relives from muscle and joint aches.

Punarnava (BorhaviaDiffusa) 25 mg: reducing swelling, heart disease, anemia, obesity

Ajmoda (PtychotisAjowan) 25 mg: Anti-infectious, Antibacterial, pain killer, soothing the digestive tract,

Methi (TrigonellaFoenumGraceum )50 mg: treat local pain, muscle pain and swelling (inflammation), arthritis, skin disorders, helps lower blood glucose and cholesterol

Chopchini (Smilax Glabra) 25 mg: improving muscle mass and body strength

Sallaki (BoswelliaSerrata) 100 mg: treat various chronic inflammatory diseases, osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis

Ashwagandha (WinthaniaSomnifera) 50 mg: reduces impotency, rheumatism, nerve problems, memory loss, arthritis, and many other physical ailments.

Sunth (ZingiberOfficianlis) 25 mg: relieves pain, stomach upsets, reduce menstrual disorders in women

Guggulu (CommiphoraWightii) 100 mg: blood purifier, helps in relieving pain and swelling, strengthening nervous system,


1) It can relieve all trauma pain, painful and achy joints, backache, muscular pain rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, sciatica and knee aches.

2) It can loosen the stiff joints.

3) Supplement of Methi treat hormonal disorders; help with breast enlargement, and to reduce menstrual pain in women.

4) Ajmodaused to increase milk flow in nursing mothers


1 or 2 capsules per day as recommended by the physician along with the regular diet and exercise. The diet can be taken as per the dosha chart with the ideal weight depending on the age of the person.


1) This remedyshould not be consumed on an empty stomach.

2) Pregnant women are advised to consult their doctor before usage.

3) The remedy is for patients above the age of 14 years.

4) Keep it away from young children.


Arthitex should be taken one or two capsules after meals everyday as recommended by the physician. One must also indulge in a healthy and active lifestyle so that the problem of Arthritis can be cured for long term.


Arthitex being a total herbal formulation and natural remedies for arthritis does not have any long term effect and is totally safe.

Benefits & Features

Arthitex is composed of several natural arthritis treatment herbs that include Guggal, which works wonders in curing Arthritis. Arthitex helps in providing the much needed flexibility and mobility to the joints, hence healing and treating them slowly from the painful condition. Athitex includes Rasna or Pluchea Lanceolata, Nirgundi or Vitex Negundo, Haridra or Curcuma Longa, Kuchala or Strychnos Nuxvomica, Punarnava or Boerhavia Diffusia and Mahrasnadi Kwath, all of which help in inflammation of joints and reduces pains. They also have anti-oxidant properties and neutralize the free radical induced damage of joints, also reducing the swelling.

Our natural remedies for arthritis, Arthitex also lowers uric acid levels in blood and is useful in the gout. It also gives strength to the nerve fibers which helps in reducing pains. It also relaxes the muscles and reduces the temperature of the joints, providing natural arthritis treatment.

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