Since 1989 India and Europe's Top Provider of Premier Ayurveda Product.


Since 1989 India and Europe's Top Provider of Premier Ayurveda Product.

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Moringa Fruit Capsules for Reducting Blood Sugar & Cholesterol

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High blood sugar can be a serious health problem. In fact, it is the main characteristic of diabetes. Over time, high blood sugar raises the risk of many serious health problems, including heart disease. For this reason, it is important to keep blood sugar within healthy limits.

Interestingly, several studies have shown that Moringa oleifera may help lower blood sugar levels. So far, studies have shown that Moringa oleifera may lead to modest reductions in blood sugar and cholesterol. It also have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, and protect against arsenic toxicity.

Diets of people in develping countries sometimes lack in vitamins, minerals and protein. In these countries, Moringa oleifera can be an important source of many essential nutrients. Moringa oleifera has an impressive range of medicinal uses with high nutritional value and health benefits. Moringa fruits capsules are exceptionally rich in vitamin C. Two capsules of are 500mg contains 157% of your daily requirement for vitamin C.


Take two capsules of moringa fruit twice a day after meal.

Benefits & Features

1) Reduces high blood sugar levels.

2) Helps for controlling diabetes. 

3) Maintains the blood sugar level within healthy limits.

4) It have antioxidant effects.

5) It have anti-inflammatory effects.

6) It protects against arsenic toxicity.

7) Important source of many essential nutrients.

8) Exceptionally rich in vitamin C.

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