Since 1989 India and Europe's Top Provider of Premier Ayurveda Product.


Since 1989 India and Europe's Top Provider of Premier Ayurveda Product.

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Ashwagandha An Multi Purpose Herbal Supplement 500mg

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Today, people are more aware than ever about health problems and are willing to take proactive preventive measures to limit the risk of disease. Call it a change in attitude or increasing awareness brought about by media exposure, there has been a dramatic increase in the use of natural herbal supplements. For example, today almost everybody is aware that an average diet lacks Omega 3 fatty acids and that fish oil is the best way to enhance your body with this compound. So, there are hundreds of companies that manufacture and sell fish oil extracts and blends. Similarly, multivitamins, minerals, calcium and more recently, herbal products extracted from botanicals like Garlic, Holy Basil, Momordia Charantia and Gymnema sylvestre are making a foray into the world of best herbal supplements.

The renewed interest in herbs

The renewed interest in herbs and herbal formulations is not limited to the western countries like USA and UK alone. Almost every country is witnessing a gradual shift towards the use of natural products with cleaner labels. This increased interest in herbal formulations is also due to the fact that there are very few side effects associated with herbs. Most natural herbal supplements are completely safe to use provided you use according to the recommended dosage. The side effects are too mild and usually fade away all by itself. Therapy can be continued for years without it affecting the functioning of any other organ in the body. This is unachievable with synthetic medicines.

Quality is of utmost importance

However, the best herbal supplements industry is not devoid of its own share of problems. From problems with pesticidal residue being found in the raw materials used to manufacture herbs to inappropriate manufacturing techniques to inadequate dosage of ingredients, there are several technical parameters which decide how effective your herbal product really is. Most health experts are of the opinion that it is better to avoid a medicine completely rather than using a low quality product. So, always ensure that you buy 100% pure and potent herbal products that are safe, reliable and effective.

The Ayurleaf Promise

Ayurleaf tends to differ from other ayurvedic herbal supplements manufacturers. We don't merely make promises about how effective our formulations are. Rather, we promise that we deliver what we are supposed to. A 500mg capsule of Ashwagandha from Ayurleaf contains exactly 500 mg of pure Ashwagandha extracts. We don't add fillers that mask the taste or the odor. We have multiple quality checks and a selected sourcing pattern that allows us to render complete control on every batch of natural herbal supplements that we manufacture.


Ayurleaf Ashwagandha should be taken two capsules once a day before meals.

Benefits & Features

Ashwagandha bestows to fortify the immune system

1) It combats the effects of severe stress, calming the nerves.

2) It reduces anxiety and depression and does not even cause drowsiness while also maintaining the blood sugar levels.

3) Provides robustness and hence reduces brain-cell degeneration.

4) Works wonders against malaria.

5) Ashwagandha also provides benefits against inflammation.

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