Since 1989 India and Europe's Top Provider of Premier Ayurveda Product.


Since 1989 India and Europe's Top Provider of Premier Ayurveda Product.

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Methi An Diabetic Care Herbal Supplement 500mg

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In ancient Ayurveda, Fenugreek is found as an aromatic herb in the Fabaceae family and is cultivated in India, Egypt, Africa and Morocco regions. It comes in powder and capsule form. The seeds are made of phosphates, lecithin, chlorine and iron. In India the fresh leaves of Fenugreek are used as spice for its flavor when cooking.

Fenugreekis a natural drug used mainly to improve the digestive system and stomach ailments. Fenugreek in recent times is also being studied for its cardiovascular benefits and hair growth in men.


Fenugreek has anti-inflammatory effects which are useful for treating various skin infections, ulcers and heartburns. In Asia it is used for treatment of wounds, arthritis, joint pains, weight loss and digestive problems in men.Excellent remedy for loss of appetite, indigestion and a sluggish liver.


1) Helping to control diabetes and control blood sugar levels in the male gender: The seeds are rich in soluble dietary fiber and an excellent source of iron that helps controlsugar levels which regulate the insulin in diabetic men.

2) Improvement in the quality of men's sexual performance: The pill taken regularly showed a positive result on sexual arousal, energy and stamina. It showed an excellent increase in their sexual stamina thereby leading a healthy stress free life.

3) Beneficial in preventing heartburns: The seeds of Fenugreek are so rich in fiber content that it helps in effectively relieving heartburn symptoms in men.This helps in easy digestion and cures them of stomach pain.

4) Remedy for skin inflammation: Fenugreek seeds which are made into a powder are applied on the affected parts of the skin. The seeds contain diosgenin which acts an anti-inflammation agent and relieves the pain.


The medicine contains 500 mg. of standardized extract of Fenugreek seeds. It has all the potential benefits. The recommended Dosage is 1-2 capsules twice daily about 1 hour after meals with plain water.

Benefits & Features

1) It is highly beneficial for the treatment of kidney ailments

2) It improves the digestive functioning including upset stomach, constipation, and inflammation of the stomach (gastritis)

3) It is an excellent cardiac tonic and prevents hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis) which may lead to heart attack.

4) It reduces the levels of harmful cholesterol

5) It is a powerful libido booster in males

6) Improves menstrual function and cures PMS related symptoms in women

7) Improves the production of breast milk in lactating women

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