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Since 1989 India and Europe's Top Provider of Premier Ayurveda Product.

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Gokshura (Tribulus) - Herbal Supplement 500mg (OTC Herbal Product)

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Gokshura, is perhaps the only herb with a scientific name more popular than the common name. The scientific name is Tribulus terrestris and it is one of the most widely marketed herbs around the world.

The western world is infatuated with the aphrodisiac properties of the herb and also the fact that it can boost the natural testosterone levels in the body. But ancient Ayurvedic texts imply that the herb may have far more beneficial uses for our bodily functions. Tonics made from Gokshura were also used in ancient Greek and Chinese medicines.

The extracts from the plant and the leaves are rich in saponins and flavonoids.

Ayurleaf Gokshura

Geographically, the Gokshura plant is distributed across the world. It is not a very difficult plant to grow and adapts well to diverse climatic conditions.

Hence, it is not uncommon to see the plant growing even in waste lands, which makes it extremely important to be choosy about the source of the tribulus terresteris that you ingest into your body.

At Ayurleaf, all our herbs are sourced from the best farmlands in the country that follow 100% organic farming techniques.

We offer 500mg pure Tribulus Terrestris extracts in an easy to swallow capsule form.

Gokshura is known asTribulus in Indian Ayurveda. It belongs to the Zygophyllaceae family. It is an ageless herb, known for its excellent medicinal qualities. Gokshurais a revitalizer for men of all ages. They canenhancebodybuilding muscles. The remedylessens diseases of urinary and reproductive systems and acts as an aphrodisiac. It comes in powder and capsule form.

Gokshura herb acts as a coolant and is sweet in taste. It improvesineffectivenessin men andreinforces their sexual performance. The medicine is also used in anti-obesity treatment, whichacts as a great stimulant for controlling the diet.


Gokshura, has many medicinal properties. Itacts asa cleansing agent on the urinary systemto dissolve the kidney stones and clear theurinary bladder. It is a rare herb, which has both nutritive and purgative properties. Ithelps in increasing the sperm production and is a boon for childess couples. It is also an effective remedy for removing hypertension and relaxes the mind and body.


1) Energy booster : Athletes and body-builders commonly use the Gokshura capsule in order to enhance and tone their bodies. It supports the normal levels of testosterone for young men.

2) Improves genital diseases in males : Gokshura is beneficial in cuirng genital diseases like bladder infection and kidney stones. It acts as a coolant which purifies the bladder and helps in eliminating painful and bleeding urination.

3) Strengthens Impotence and Sexual Urge : The herb has positive effects on the sexual drive for a good married life. It strengthens the penile tissue and erection. Sustianed use of this medication is recommended.


The Botanical name of Gokshura is Tribulusterrestris. The fruit of this herb has spines which are spread along the ground. It has sugarcane like sweet odour and the fruit has 3-4 pairs of spines. The capsule acts provides coolness to the warm body.


The recommended dosage varies from 100-200 mg. capsules twice a day giving all the potential benefits.

Benefits & Features

While the herb is mainly popular as a potent aphrodisiac and libido enhancer in men and women, it is also extremely effective in managing urogenital conditions.

1) Is a powerful aphrodisiac and can improve libido.

2) Improves sexual performance and reduce the incidence of Erectile Dysfunction.

3) Triggers the release of natural testosterone in the body.

4) Maintains efficient functioning of the kidneys and improves urinary function.

5) Cools the urinary tract membranes and eases the flow of urine.

6) Reduces and helps maintain urinary bladder infections.

7) Can be used to control and maintain urinary stone.

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