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Since 1989 India and Europe's Top Provider of Premier Ayurveda Product.

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Tagara an Nervine & Sleep Disorders Herbal Supplement 500mg

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Used as a mind relaxer, Tagara is an Ayurvedic way to treat insomnia and other sleep disorders. The herb stimulates the nervous system that reduces anxiety and spasms hence calming the nerves. Tagara has been used since ancient period for boosting confidence, palpitations and headaches.

Even the western countries have now recognized the benefits of Tagara, listing it in their safe category of drugs. It is extremely popular in Europe and Japan.

The main component of Tagara being Valeriana, Tagara contains a large number of aromatic oils, hence producing calming effects. The tufty, hairy plant usually grows in the cool Himalayan region, with its leaves and roots being main components of usage as a herb. Tagara's root is also used for perfumes in hair oils as well as a cure for insects.

Tagara contains hesperidin and methylapigeninthat induce sleep but are very safe for the human body.

Tagarain ancient Indian Ayurveda is known as Valerian. The botanical name of Tagara is Valerianawallichi. The root stocks of this herb have natural aromatic oils that contain valeric acids that have a soothing effect, which aidsin eliminatingsleep disorders, stimulating the nervous system, reducing spasms and anxiety. Tagara is mostly found in North America, Europe and Japan. It comes in capsule form.


Tagara herb was medically used in the 16th century in India by the malegender to treat nervousness, trembling, memory loss, headaches and heart palpitations. The aromatic herb acts as an excellent cooling agent, which relaxes the parts of the mind, nervous unrest and emotional disturbances. Tagara capsules are best alternative supplements for sedatives.


1) Improving quality of sleep disorders : Tagara herb produces aromatic oil that contains valeric acid and acts as a calming, relaxing agent and supports restful sleep. It has helped men sleep soundly and feel fresh in their daily life.

2) Extremely useful to the Central Nervous System : This herb also has a soothing and cooling effect on the central nervous system and is used as a good nerve tonic. The capsule taken regularly in proper dosage plays a great role in de-stressing the body and mind.

3) Treating acne and pimples : The herb, which is rich in aromatic oil, acts as a mild laxative which helps clear the digestive tract. This helps in curing acne and pimples in men. It works extremely well on the acne and pimple scars.


Tagara is a hairy herb having medicinal properties and it is mostly found in the Himalayan region. As per ayurveda, valerian's properties are bitter, pungent, sweet and sharp. The rootstocks of this plant are extremely aromatic in nature, which produces a relaxing, and soothing effect on men with acute sleeping disorders, hypertension and nervous disturbances.


Each capsule contains 500 mg. extract of Tagara. Recommended one capsule twice a day, preferably after meals. Please keep the medicine away from little children.

Tagara, an important medicinal herb in Ayurveda is known as Indian Valerian or Valerianawallichi. It is a perennial herb found in abundance in Western Himalayas in India. Tagara is high flavored bitter and sweet in taste. The roots of herb have a sweet smelling essential oil and are used for medicinal purposes. It alleviates thevata, pitta and kaphadoshas. This Ayurveda herb is the best tonic to treat nervous disorders caused by vata. It reduces stress and anxiety and improves the symptoms of hypertension and dipression in human being. Tagara has various chemical components as valepotriates andisovaleric acid. These acids are supported to help healthy, restfulness and comfort sleepy night.

The herb is deliberate to be beneficial for eyes, relieves head disease and is useful in hysteria. It is an analgesic and regulates blood pressure. Apart from this; the herb shows antiepileptic, cardio stimulant, antispasmodic, laxative, central nervous system sedative properties, and is a depressant nervine tonic. . Generally,oil of the herb rootcan also be applied for cramps and other muscle stresses.

Benefits of Tagara:

1) Tagara is well known an excellent natural remedy for those who suffer from insomnia caused by stress.

2) It stabilizes the nervous system and provides calmness.

3) Tagara is helpful in common cough and cold.

4) The herb is also treating respiratory infections and eye disorders.

5) Tagara alleviates from occasional sleeplessness

6) It relieves from digestive disorders.

7) In women Tagara helps relieve menstrual pain.

8) It is useful in muscle pain and headache.

9) It increases power of the brain. And helps to increase Memory.

10) Tagaraa is also good for skin too as it elevate blood circulation. And hence treats acne, sunburn and other related problems.

11) Tagaraa helps to attain a healthy physical activity and solves the problems of Ingestion or cholesterol

Side effects of Tagara:

When used as prescribed, Valerian/Tagara has no side effects.


Ayurleaf Tagara should be taken two capsules once a day during bedtime as prescribed.


Tagara is a sour, sugary and pungent astringent, which is not known to have any side effects, if taken as prescribed.

Benefits & Features

1) Tagara maintains normal nerve functions and allows the nervous system to relax and slow down. In many researches, Tagara eases cerebral injury in terms of decreased brain infarct size, and an increase in short-term memory and motor coordination.

2) Tagara is used as a natural Ayurveda and herbal therapy for treating sleep-related disorders and ailments

3) It not just cures anxiety but also calms the nervous system

4) It improves concentration and awareness

5) It is even said to have epilepsy curing properties

6) Tagara can cure various skin problems including eczema and skin irritation.

7) The herb is used for respiratory tract related infections and asthma

8) Tagara also helps relieve menstrual pain

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