Since 1989 India and Europe's Top Provider of Premier Ayurveda Product.


Since 1989 India and Europe's Top Provider of Premier Ayurveda Product.

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Gokshura - Herbal Supplement 500mg (OTC Herbal Product)

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Tribulus Plus 500 is a traditional Ayurveda herb commonly known as Puncture Vine and has been used from many centuries mainly in Europe as a treatment for impotence and sexual dysfunction. Gentlemen who consume this medicine are cured of their weakness and ineffectiveness in day-to-day life. It is found in capsule form.


The herb has got medicinal qualities and it has the properties to increase LH (Luteinizing Hormone) production that help in alleviating testosterone levels in men. Testosterone is a vital hormone accountable for secondary sexual behaviors. TRIBULUS PLUS 500 is a complete muscle storage supplement, designed to support tremendous muscle growth. It is also found very essential for athletes and body builders who get lot of strength and vitality from the tablet. They can perform in their field of activity with gusto.


Increases natural levels of Testosterone: Tribulus Plus 500 tablet increases the LH production that increases the natural testosterone levels in the body and also increases muscle size, strength and liveliness. As a result, testosterone has also shown to increase energy and fortitudes that speed up recovery process after muscle fibers have broken down as a result of severe exercises.

Helps in Strength and Stamina: The herb has potent and beneficial properties that contain extract saponins that helps in giving strength and stamina to men who are weak and not having enough energy due to mental disorders and fatigues. It supports muscle growth and sexual traits in them. Men can have a healthy life with lots of endurance and vigor.

Improving Sexual life: Sexual dysfunction occurs mostly in men, who are aged due to lowering of testosterone levels, which reduces their sex drive that sometimes leads to impotency. TRIBULUS PLUS 500 capsule consumed regularly with proper diet and exercise improves their sex life. It improves penile erection, which in turn also increases sperm count. There is a feeling of wellbeing and happiness.


Ayurleaf Tribulus plus 500 should be taken two capsules twice a day before meals

Benefits & Features

1) Is a powerful aphrodisiac and can improve libido

2) Improves sexual performance and reduce the incidence of Erectile Dysfunction

3) Triggers the release of natural testosterone in the body

4) Maintains efficient functioning of the kidneys and improves urinary function

5) Cools the urinary tract membranes and eases the flow of urine

6) Reduces and helps maintain urinary bladder infections

7) Can be used to control and maintain urinary stone

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