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Amazing Uses and Benefits of Tulsi Powder

Tulsi is referred to as the herb kingdom’s queen. Tulsi is a religious natural herb and is worshipped in India in the both morning and evening.  A Healthy body and soul are Tulsi’s most well-known benefits. Tulsi powder helps to boost the immunity system. It helps fight against various infections and diseases. It helps to reduce the harmful effects of environmental changes. It works as a support for respiratory disorders. We are sharing valuable information and knowledge about tulsi powder which is given below.

Tulsi is one of the most important herbs that are popular in Indian Ayurveda. Its meaning is Incomparable. Tulsi is also known as a holy basil plant and is commonly found in the courtyard of the houses. People worship it. Tulsi powder is easy to make powder. Take the leaves of Tulsi. Dry them off. Tulsi leaves get dried in one day. Grind them in a mixer. Grind them in a normal grinder. Your Tulsi powder is ready to use. Tulsi powder has various health benefits. It is an easy digestive tonic for the nervous and respiratory systems. It helps fight air infections borne by air, bacteria, colds due to weather changes, and minor coughs. Decoction of Tulsi leaves is given as a tonic in hepatic and gastric disorders. It is very helpful in providing a solacing effect in nasal congestion, abdominal distention and sinus congestion. Tulsi has spiritual power and enhances health and happiness. It gives support to a healthy urinary system.

Some of the research-backed benefits of basil include:

1. Biology of the Immune System: Basil is rich in vitamin C and zinc. Thus, it acts as a natural immune booster and prevents infection. It has great anti-bacterial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that protect us from various diseases. Basil leaf extract increases the activity of T animal cells and natural killer cells, thus enhancing the immune system.
2. Reduces fever (antipyretic) & pain(analgesic): Basil also has antibacterial and antiviral properties that help fight infections, thus reducing colds. Fresh basil juice with black pepper powder cures intermittent colds. Tulsi leaves boiled with cardamom powder (elachi) in half a liter of water and mixed with sugar and milk are also effective in reducing heat Eugenol, a powerful analgesic terpene found in basil, reduces systemic pain.

3. Reduces fever, cough & other respiratory problems: Camphene, cineole and eugenol in basil help to reduce chest colds and colds. Basil leaf juice mixed with honey and ginger is effective in bronchitis, asthma, colds, coughs and colds.
4. Reduces Stress and Blood Pressure: Basil contains Osimumosides A and B. These compounds reduce stress and balance the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine in the brain. Basil’s anti-inflammatory properties reduce inflammation and high blood pressure.
5. Anti-cancer properties: Phytochemicals in basil have strong anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, they help protect against skin, liver, mouth and lung cancer.
6. Good for heart health: Basil is highly effective in the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases by lowering cholesterol, preventing ischemia and shock, lowering blood pressure and also due to its increased anti-inflammatory properties.

7. Good for Diabetes Patients: Extract of Tulsi leaves has been shown to lower blood glucose levels in patients with type 2 Diabetes. 
8. Useful in kidney stones & gouty arthritis: Basil detoxifies and has diuretic properties. It lowers the level of uric acid in the body, which is the main cause of kidney stones. Lowering uric acid levels can also provide relief to patients with gout. Benefits of basil
9. Useful in gastrointestinal diseases: Basil leaves help prevent indigestion and loss of appetite. It is also used to treat dyspnea and cough.
10. Good for skin & hair: Basil helps clear blemishes and pimples on the skin. It is packed with antioxidants and helps prevent premature aging. Basil also strengthens our hair follicles, thereby preventing hair loss. Basil’s antifungal properties prevent the growth of fungus and dandruff.
11. Purification of insect bites and blood: Besides just being an insect repellent, basil leaf paste can be applied to insect bites and stings to reduce pain. Inflammation or irritation from it is greatly reduced. Moreover, daily consumption of basil also helps in purifying the blood.
12. Reduces stress & fatigue: Research has also shown that basil has many physical and mental health benefits. For example, drinking basil drinks after a tiring day at work can refresh you and help relieve stress and fatigue. Similarly, drinking basil can help students improve their concentration over long periods of study.
13. Basil for infection: Basil is known to have antimicrobial properties such as Candida albicans, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. This property is due to the presence of its phytoconstituents. The oil from the basil plant has antibacterial activity against bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, S. aureus and Bacillus pumius
14. Basil for colds and flu: Basil leaves are used to prevent colds. Boiled basil leaves combined with tea can be used to prevent malaria and dengue. One cup of basil leaves can be boiled in water made with cardamom powder and mixed with sugar and milk to relieve severe colds. The juice from basil leaves helps in reducing fever. It is also effective in reducing fever in children.
15. Basil for respiratory problems: Basil helps to solve problems related to the respiratory system. Decoction of basil leaves with ginger and honey is used to prevent asthma, cough, cold and flu Taking leaves, common salt and clove also provides quick relief from colds. Basil leaves have laxative and expectorant properties and help remove mucus from the nasal mucosa. advertisement
16. Basil for diabetes: Animal studies have shown that basil leaves have hypoglycemic (blood sugar lowering) effects. Basil leaves can be used as an adjunct to dietary therapy and pharmacotherapy in mild to moderate non-insulin-dependent diabetes. Another animal study showed that basil leaf extract has a stimulatory effect on insulin production. The combination of basil and neem is known to lower blood sugar levels in humans.
17. Tulsi for Heart Diseases: Tulsi is known to be effective in the management and prevention of heart diseases by lowering blood cholesterol levels and also preventing ischemia and stroke. Apart from this, Tulsi also plays an essential role in platelet aggregation and preventing the risk of pulmonary hypertension (high blood pressure that affects arteries in the lungs and the right side of the heart).
18. Tulsi for Skin: Tulsi is proven to be the safest skin cream that can be used and the benefits are massive. Tulsi reflects on your skin when you consume it as well as applied. This wonder herb is used to treat acne, skin infections, lighten dark spots and improve skin texture. Here is a list of benefits that tulsi does to your skin. Tulsi helps in skin brightening. Tulsi helps in curing acne face marks. Tulsi mixed with eggs and mixed can help in tightening skin pores. Tulsi helps in curing skin infections and any sort of skin allergies.
19. Tulsi for Hair: Holy Basil can be applied to your hair for multiple reasons and all that it does is it make your hair look better in all ways. Here are some of how tulsi can benefit your hair. Tulsi can help prevent hair fall. Tulsi can reduce the greying of the hair and keep it thick and black. Tulsi can reduce dandruff. Tulsi can help prevent dry scalp.
20. Tulsi for Weight Loss: Tulsi is a natural ingredient that aids weight loss. If you’re wondering how to burn fat quickly without any side effects, then you need to opt for drinking tulsi tea. Two cups a day will make a difference. Also, you need to keep in mind that drinking tulsi tea will act more efficiently only if you work out. Of course without exercising tulsi tea can slim you down, but exercising will make the process faster.


Tulsi works as an effective balm for mind, body and soul and has various health benefits. Tulsi powder helps reduce the headache problem. Make a paste out of Tulsi powder and apply it on the forehead and it will give relief to the headache problem. Decoction of the Tulsi powder with ginger and honey is helpful in cold and throat diseases. Use a mixture of Tulsi powder and mustered oil and you can use it for your dental problems. You can also gargle with water of Tulsi powder and it will help you in throat pain. Decoction of Tulsi powder mixed with milk and sugar. Take it in the morning empty stomach and it will cool down your body temperature. If a Paste of Tulsi powder is applied on the abdomen of a pregnant lady who is suffering from itching at the stomach, then it will give you relief from that itching. Make a paste out of Tulsi powder and apply it on the skin. After that wash your face and you will not only feel relaxed from skin diseases but also get fairer skin. Tulsi powder is considered a tonic to retain youth and avoid skin aging. Regular use of Tulsi powder helps you to balance the nerves, mind and emotions. Tulsi powder is an excellent mouth freshener and removes the smelly breath.


There are numerous health benefits and some of them are given here. Tulsi powder helps to reduce the fever and common cold. It also beneficial in cough and respiratory disorders, kidney stones, heart diseases, children ailment, Teeth disorders, headache, eye disorders, stomach problems, diabetes, pain relief, anti cancer, stress problems, lung disorder and skin problems.

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