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Herbal dietary supplements are what Ayurleaf Herbals sells. We don’t identify, treat, or recommend medications for illnesses or diseases. We neither diagnoses nor treat disease. Nor do we prescribe medicines.

The ancient civilizations realized that the human body has the natural ability to repair itself, unlike their modern equivalents. Even the most cutting-edge treatments and therapies would ultimately fail without this ability to self-heal. In these civilizations, herbal remedies featured prominently. Herbal tonics, cleanses, massages, and even aroma therapies were frequently advised as preparations since they maximized the body’s capacity for self-healing.

Customers are encouraged and given the following information by Ayurleaf Herbals with relation to seeking medical assistance for any illness or disease they may be experiencing. Information on general health can be useful when developing a comprehensive herbal programme. Any worries you may have about-us-us your health should be discussed with your doctor and a holistic health care professional before supplementing your diet or using any Ayurleaf Herbals products.

Although possible interactions between herbs and medications are occasionally reported in the media, confirmed cases are uncommon. Customers are responsible for discussing any potential interactions between herbal supplements and pharmaceuticals with their doctor.

Individual outcomes and results may differ; Ayurleaf Herbals does not guarantee any certain outcome or result.

Any potential negative reactions and side effects from the herbal supplements you choose to use are not the responsibility of Ayurleaf Herbals. Customers must take ownership of their own health, including both positive and poor results, and accept responsibility for them.

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