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Ayurvedic Medicines for Menstrual Disorders

Women of early and middle age typically experience menstrual abnormalities as a concern. You might be hesitant to utilise medications to treat certain conditions due to potential negative effects. Ayurvedic medicine is the best solution for those suffering from suck kind of menstrual problems. Many women may feel it shy to consult a doctor for menstrual disorders and so herbal medicines is the best alternative.


Some of the common menstrual problems that women face are irregular periods, reduced appetite, and more pain during menstrual periods, excessive bleeding, painful backache before and during menstrual periods, heaviness in head. There are many Ayurvedic medicines available for treating these menstrual problems.


The most practical herb, kothimeera (parsley), which is present in many kitchens, can be used to regulate menstrual cycles. Parsley juice also helps to reduce menstrual cramps which are the main reason for most of the women to be uncomfortable during their period times. This juice when taken with other juices like carrot, beetroot can also help to provide vitamins and nutrients to women after their pregnancies.

Ginger is the excellent ingredient available in your kitchen which can help you for your menstrual problems. Generally, ginger boiled in a cup of water is considered as the best juice to treat for you during these conditions. You might know papaya as a very good friend for women as it helps in maintaining proper bleeding by controlling contractions of uterine muscles. In rural areas, during the first time of menstrual stages, sesame seeds are given by making them powdered and mixing with honey or sugar as this helps in reducing menstrual cramps.

Those suffering from excess bleeding during menstruation times should take decoction made from coriander seeds. Also, Ashoka tree’s bark powder (decoction) can help you to reduce excessive menstruation. Shatavari acts in its own unique manner in treating your emotional problems like increasing confidence, decreased sexual interest and so on.

Lodhra’s bark can help you to treat for cancer concerning female reproductive system and also controls excess menstrual flow from vagina. Giloy is an herb that helps you to promote your immunity and maintains homeostasis in the body. Guggul has rejuvenating properties and helps to reduce cholesterol in your body. This makes you to maintain correct weight which is the main problem for menstrual disorders. There are many Ayurvedic products available in different names in the market. You can find various kinds of medicines like capsules, tonic and churna.


Though they are readily available through shops and also in online, you should be cautious in using them. It is always suggested to take consultation of a doctor before using these capsules. Excess dose of these medicines also makes you open to many risks which is why self medication is always not a good option to go. You should also take care of diet when using Ayurvedic medicines and should keep some food products out from your diet.

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