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Herbs to Increase Sperm Motility and Male Fertility

Do problems in conception comes only for female fertility problems? The answer is a big NO! Because male fertility problems are more prevalent than we think. 30 out of 100 men have Sexual Infertility problems. An American statistic says that Men are responsible for 40% of the time in conceiving problems. While modern medicines are able to help an unsatisfied couple in conceiving, by technical measures, alternative medicines can also help in improving the condition by increasing Sperm Count and Sperm Motility.

So, what actually is Sperm Motility? Sperm Motility is the way the Sperm moves. Even if a man has high sperm count and low sperm motility then it can cause a problem while conceiving. If the Sperm Motility is slow, it will move sluggishly and therefore will go in circles and as a result, it cannot travel and fertile a woman’s eggs. Now, Sperm Motility and other Male Fertility problems can be caused due to no of problems and can also be improved in a whisker. Sperm Motility can be improved by weight loss, smoking cessation, less bike riding, antioxidant vitamins, not using car seat heaters and many others.

Before emphasizing on the herbs to increase Male Fertility we should know that Regulation in Normal life can also bring about an improvement in Male Fertility. Like Sperm Count can be improved by avoiding sitting for a long amount of time and healthy diet containing an equal amount of Protein and Carbohydrate. Exposure to Chemical elements should be reduced and Exercising Regularly can be an answer to lots of Sexual Problems.

The Herbs which have scientifically been proved to improve Male Fertility and increase Sperm Motility-:


Maca Root is an excellent herb which increases Sperm Motility and is a Turnip-root like Vegetable. It affects the hormone level of the body to aid the Sperm Motility. The Benefits of Maca are-:

1) Creates Hormonal Balance.

2) Increases Energy and Stamina.

Stimulates normal sexual function.


American Ginseng and Asian Ginseng, both are considered to be one of the best sexual tonics. It improves erectile dysfunction and enhances Sexual performances as shown in Observation. While Asian Ginseng does overstimulate the nervous system, American Ginseng gives a smoother experience with a deep, nourishing support. It also increases Sperm Count.


Flaxseed Oil is a natural herb, which keeps the sperm healthy, and contains many beneficial food components like omega 6, omega 9, protein, potassium etc. It improves the whole male reproductive system and helps to make quality sperms. The above-mentioned Roots or Herbs are clinically proven to work and has been observed by many Researchers and Scientists as some of the most important ingredients for improving Fertility Problems as a whole.

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