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What are the Benefits for Shilajit

Most of us are familiar with the exceptional benefits of ayurveda and how effective are ayurvedic components in treating various health related issues. This ancient science form which originated from India and been in existence for more than 7000 years has many potentially powerful herbs and plant components with immense medicinal values. In today’s time of synthetic medications and drugs, ayurveda stands well ahead as they are free from any side effects and the treatment of any disease is permanent without any chances of re occurrence. Shilajit is considered to be one of the most well-known and traditional ayurvedic ingredients. In the past, it was referred to as nectar of god, and there was a legend that if someone took Shilajit and used it, they would become immortal. Shilajit is a tar like resin substance which oozes out of rocks found in the Himalayas. This substance is like an organic mineral matter and is a powerhouse of trace minerals and phyto-nutrients. This herb was used by kings in the olden days as a rejuvenator to combat age and illness. Shilajit promotes the movement of minerals into muscles, tissues and even bones which gives the body inner strength.

Some of the varied benefits of Shilajit are

1) Being a rich source of minerals this herb can be used to treat anemia. The fulvic acid present in its purest form in shilajit transports the mineral iron into the cells directly and thus more red blood cells are formed which decreases anemia.

2) It is an excellent source of anti oxidants and hence scavenges the body for free radicals and inhibits its growth thereby helping in keeping the skin looking radiant and young.

3) Shilajit improves the libido and overall sexual performance in males. It even helps in improving immunity and increase vigor and vitality.

4) This herb increases the intelligence level and thereby enhances memory and cognitive functions.

5) It strengthens the central nervous system and is hence helpful in curing ailments like paralysis, mental illness, depression and epilepsy.

Shilajit is also used to treat cardiac disorders and blood pressure. This herb has so many varied health benefits that supplementing on this wonder drug is a must for a healthy and long life. Shilajit is an elusive ingredient that is sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas, and Ayurleaf offers a pure form of it put into capsule form for simple dosing. It also has the correct proportions of this difficult ingredient.

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