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Benefits of Purnarnava

‘Bring back to life’ or’renewer’ are the literal meanings of Purnarnava, often known as hogweed. It is a creeper that grows widely in Brazil and India and thrives in the wild. It thrives most during the winter and monsoon seasons, giving rise to tiny leaves, crimson fruits, and flowers. It revitalises the entire body and fills it with vigour and energy, as its name implies. Both the roots and the stems of this plant are used medicinally.

In the area of Ayurveda, Purnarnava has numerous applications. Some of its primary applications are as follows:

It aids in the process of the blood and gastric secretions being cleansed and detoxified.

Patients who have oedema (the buildup of watery fluids in the body’s tissues and cavities) and joint pain benefit from it.

It offers a powerful treatment for body part inflammation.

Numerous stomach conditions, particularly intestinal colic, can be treated with it.

By clearing the phlegm and catarrhal debris from the bronchial tubes, it helps to prevent the development of asthma.

The Purnarnava root paste is effective in treating a number of skin conditions.

If Purnarnava is taken in the early stages, neurological problems and loss of muscle function in conditions like paralysis can be avoided.

Purnarnava encourages healthy weight management, which aids in the fight against obesity and the issues it causes.

It facilitates the easy passage of urine and so guards against kidney problems. Additionally to aiding in the maintenance of normal fluid levels, it aids in the prevention of kidney stone formation.

It stimulates and purifies the liver, assisting in the treatment of liver diseases like hepatitis, jaundice, iron deficient anaemia, anorexia, and a sluggish liver. A healthy liver also contributes to a rise in blood haemoglobin levels.

Additionally, it has anti-diabetic properties. Extracts from purnarnava leaves raise blood insulin levels while lowering blood sugar levels.

Purnarnava is used primarily and most recently as an anti-cancer medication. According to studies, Purnarnava can enhance immune response and stop B16F-10 melanoma cells from spreading metastatically. Boeravinones, a class of chemicals discovered from the roots of Purnarnava, help to prevent the breast cancer resistance protein, a multidrug transporter that causes cancer cells to withstand chemotherapy, from engaging in drug efflux. Additionally, it aids in the fight against cervical cancer, which has recently emerged as the most prevalent type of cancer among women.

You can eat purnarnava in two different forms: powder and extracts. It can be added as a paste when used externally. However, careful monitoring must be used, and in the event of any side effects, prompt professional assistance should be sought. Although this herb doesn’t have any adverse effects on its own, using it along with other medications may cause them. It offers a better alternative to traditional allopathic medicine.

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