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Herbal Remedy for Arthritis Joint Pain

Free Movement and free will is what actually makes us Human. When we were evolving, the Apes, there movement was constricted, and hence their sphere of knowledge was also constricted. Free Movement makes us what we are, and when this free movement is threatened, our existence as Human is threatened. We are talking about Arthritis. Arthritis disables about 27 million Americans and the numbers are rising. So, what is Arthritis? So, Arthritis is a form of Joint Inflammation, that involves one or more Joints. Arthritis can be of many types but can be broadly classified into the following,

1) Degenerative Arthritis(Osteo-Arthritis)

2) Inflammatory Arthritis

3) Infectious Arthritis

4) Metabolic Arthritis

Osteo-Arthritis is the most common form of Arthritis. In Osteo-Arthritis, the cartilage between the bones tears down, and hence bone rubs with bone. Hence, Inflammatory pain. Arthritis, by Western Medicine can be cured by Surgery, and prolonged medication, but Herbs can also do the magic. There are Herbs, which are equally effective, but safe, without any side-effects. People effected with Arthritis can also try out some Home Remedies like, Weight Loss. Weight loss is supposed to be the best remedy for people effected with Arthritis recently. As doctors say, maintaining a healthy weight is very important, and every pound you lose, means, 4 pounds less pressure for your Knee, which lessens the probability of Arthritis. Exercise and Acupuncture can also, avoid Arthritis, and can also treat low grade Arthritis.

The Herbs which can do the magic in Arthritis are,

1) GINGER : Ginger is very helpful in case of Arthritis Pain Relief. Ginger is something that is available in every Household Cooking Cabinet. Ginger can be prepared by making a drink from its roots. The root extracts can be mixed with tea or maybe water also. Shaving of the skin of the Ginger root is important and then slice it up and mix it in your drink.

2) TURMERIC : Turmeric is clinically prescribed for its Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Cancer Properties. Turmeric is mostly used as spice with food. Turmeric is very popular in India. But the most effective way of taking in Turmeric is by mixing it with milk or any other fat products like cheese etc.

3) GREEN TEA : Green Tea is also a Health Supplement. Not only for Arthritis but for other diseases also it ensures the strength of the immune system. As Arthritis attacks the immune system with swelling and pain, Green tea can ensure the balance.

4) GARLIC, BLACK PEPPER, WILLOW BARK etc. : Garlic also is used in reducing the inflammatory pains caused by arthritis as does Black Pepper. This are extensively used in China and India as an effective spice. This is primarily used with addition to foods. Willow Bark is one of the longest used herbs in treating Inflammation. This Treatment is taken either by tea or tablet.

These, Herbs and Health Supplement are equally effective in curing Arthritis, and its safe, without any side effects.

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