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Herbal Treatment of Hyperacidity

Are you experiencing constant stomach pains or burning sensation in the digestive tract immediately after you finish eating? Do you feel that your stomach is bloated because of excessive gassiness? After tastes or dirty burps as soon as you finish your meals is also a common problem in such cases. If you are experiencing any of these problems, you are most likely to be a victim of hyperacidity. Acidity, medically known as hyperacidity is a condition that arises from the excessive secretion of digestive juices.

What is hyperacidity?

We all eat food, don’t we? Our stomach is given the responsibility of digesting the food and transporting the nutrients to the body. To accomplish this task of digestion, the stomach secretes digestive juices. Most of these juices are acidic in nature. In case of hyperacidity, your stomach faces a tough time digesting the food and therefore secretes a greater amount of these acidic juices. As a result of the excessive acidic secretions, you end up suffering from hyperacidity.

What are the symptoms?

One of the most common symptoms of acidity is experiencing a burning sensation in your digestive tract. However, there are several other symptoms which include vomiting, burps, ulcers in the oral cavity, muscular pain, bloating of stomach, etc. that the patient suffering from hyperacidity will experience. The occurrence of these symptoms varies according to the seriousness of the problem. In cases of severe acidity the sufferer will also experience a loss in appetite and develop an aversion towards the idea of eating itself.

What causes hyperacidity?

We have already told you that when you eat food that is difficult to digest, the amount of acid secretion in the stomach increases. But this is just one of the reasons that can cause hyperacidity. Sometimes medications also cause acidic reactions in the stomach. In such cases, the doctor will prescribe an antacid along with your regular medication itself. Eating a heavy protein diet is another reason that stresses the stomach and causes acidity. Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages is also harmful to the body and tends to increase the acidic secretions in the stomach.

Lifestyle disorders

According to experts, hyperacidity is basically a problem linked to lifestyle disorders. If you are used to eating late or eating heavy food late at night, the stomach will not be able to digest it easily and therefore the secretions will increase. Given the present day lifestyle, the high dose of stress and lack of healthy eating habits, acidity is fast emerging as a common issue.

What are the treatments?

In rare occurrences of acidity, home remedies like drinking cold milk or eating light food tends to do the trick. But, if you are a patient and the problem is serious, you need to treat acidity properly. While there are several allopathic medicines available in the market when it comes to treating acidity, using these potions will always come with a risk of side effects making it an unhealthy choice. Instead, we would recommend you to opt for the Ayurveda or herbal method to cure acidity. Ayurleaf offers a range of medications that are specially formulated to improve the digestive abilities of the human body and cure the doshas causing acidity. Made of natural ingredients, this herbal formulation works from within the body to control the secretion of digestive juices and therefore removes the root cause of hyperacidity itself. So, the next time, you experience heart burn, digestive problems, etc. don’t just pop a pill, try the healthy way out by choosing the herbal cure for hyperacidity.

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