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India – The Second Largest Herbal Products Exporter

For the first time ever, luminaries from across the world met in Delhi to discuss the strengthening and scientific validation of traditional systems of medicine.

International Arogya 2017 is a four-day event that welcomes 1,500 attendees from 60 different nations. Following China India is the world’s second largest Herbal Products Exporter and both countries jointly produce more than 70 % of the overall global demand for herbal products exporter, a white paper launched at the event notes.

According to Pharmexcil’s most recent figures, China leads the globe in the export of herbal products suppliers with a total of $1329.72 million, followed by India with $ 790.56 million.

“In terms of exporting herbal products, we are only surpassed by China. Of the total Rs.14000 crore pharmaceutical exports, India’s Ayush and herbal manufacturers contribute approximately Rs.1400 crore. We have a huge potential to grow and in the coming days if our exports grow at 20 percent every year we can beat China by 2020,” said Dr P V Appaji, DG, Pharmexcil.

From an export of Rs.591.43 crore in 2008-09 to Rs.701.44 crore in 2009-10 India’s Ayush exports have seen a whopping increase of Rs.110.01 crore during in a period of just one year. However, this phenomenon of rise has not persisted in the years 2010–2011. The export figure for Ayush products for the year 2010-11 accounts to Rs.711.12 crore which is just an increase of Rs.9.68 crore from the previous year.

“The 10th five-year plan showed a commendable improvement in the usage of Ayurvedic, Unani, Siddha, and homeopathic (Ayush) medicines, medicinal plants, and their by-products when compared to earlier export performance reports,” he said. According to a comprehensive status report on the country’s ayurvedic business, which details trends up to the year 2008, exports of ayurvedic products have steadily increased since 2003–04, while imports have decreased.

If one considers net value addition, the Ayurvedic product manufacturer industry grew by 10.89% over a 13-year period, from 1995–1996 to 2007–2008.

In the fiscal year 2010–11, Ayush exports totaled Rs. 711.12 crore, of which Rs. 176.50 crore came from medicines and Rs. 534.62 crore from pharmaceuticals.

The exports of herbal products have also significantly increased, rising by Rs. 36.76 billion from Rs. 570.76 billion in the year 2009–2010 to Rs. 602.57 billion in the year 2010–2011.

Psyllium seeds, Senna leaves and pads, as well as a number of other herbs and herbal products, are among India’s main herbal exports. Psyllium husk (isabgol husk) contributes a significant portion of all herbal exports, amounting to Rs. 425.05 crore.

The major countries where Indian wholesale herb suppliers exported in Russia, USA, Kazakhstan, UAE, Nepal, Ukraine, Japan, Philippines, Kenya and Mauritania. Russia is a world leader in the list with a substantial import value of Rs.138.94 crore of Ayush and herbals from India. The second-largest importer, America (USA), contributed Rs. 103.14 crore, and Kazakhstan came in third place, contributing Rs. 55.24 crore to India’s Ayush and herbals for the fiscal year 2010–11.

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