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Ayurveda to curb Cellulite

Cellulite is that the body fat accumulated within the flesh of the body, that usually affects the hips, waist, and thighs. The adipose tissue downside is extremely ordinarily seen in girls, it starts occurring once pubescence. The adipose tissue accumulates within the body specified it doesn’t solely makes the body look unhealthy however conjointly seem unappealing. Therefore, folks should take measures to scale back the adipose tissue from their body.

Causes of adipose tissue

1) Improper diet. Either flare diet or terribly serious diets, each area unit harmful to the body.

2) Slow metabolism rate of the body conjointly causes adipose tissue.

3) The secretion changes throughout maternity may additionally  cause the adipose tissue.

4) The hormones conjointly amendment throughout flow cycles, and this may cause an impact on body adipose tissue.

5) The hormones free just in case of nerve-racking things conjointly cause adipose tissue.

6) Dehydration is additionally one the causes of adipose tissue. that’s why it’s forever suggested to remain hydrous.

7) If you are doing not have any elbow grease routine, then there’s an occasion that you simply may face adipose tissue downside.

When the Hindu deity side of the body doesn’t perform properly, the metabolism rate of the body slows down or becomes unbalanced. These uneven cycles error with the body tissues and so become harmful. Therefore, this impurity adds up within the body fat and causes adipose tissue. So, as per piece of writing, if you correct the Hindu deity (Fire) side of the body, you’ll be able to simply get obviate adipose tissue.

Ayurvedic Tips to get rid of adipose tissue

1) To reduce the adipose tissue, skin exfoliation is extremely necessary. this will be done by giving dry massage to the body. The dry massage will be done by raw silk, no oil to be used. This method is named as Gharsana.

2) Steaming is additionally one among the treatments for adipose tissue. Steaming or sweat room|steam room|vapor bath|vapour bath} bath helps in removing the blockages within the skin owing to that adipose tissue will be reduced.

3) Turmeric powder, Besan (Chickpea flour), fenugreek powder and Badam (almond) oil. This mixture will be applied to the body and therefore the massage done is useful in reducing adipose tissue.In extreme cases, Vasthi (Enema) is given to the person laid low with adipose tissue.

What to eat to scale back adipose tissue

1) Water – the most effective choice for adipose tissue reduction.

2) Tulsi leaves – ingestion Tulsi leaves daily would facilitate.

3) Light diet and heat food area unit instructed.

4) Herbal tea conjointly helps in maintaining the body fat.


Cellulite has become a awfully common downside in folks, however the most concern is that you simply ought to remember of it, and will act informed it as presently as potential. this is often as a result of once you delay in reacting for adipose tissue, then it becomes a lot of and tougher to tackle things.

Therefore, make sure that you stick with a correct diet, massages and conjointly consult some Ayurvedic doctor or a herbal supplements manufacturer, just in case of utmost cases.

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